Good morning Acadiana. As we start to adjust to this 'new' normal, just a reminder to use social distancing when it comes to your pets as well. Also in the word of Corona, this morning you will be waking up to the news that the Rayne Frog Festival has been canceled. And if you own a lawn service, Lafayette Consolidated Government wants to hire you to cut tall grass and weeds in the area. You may submit bids by emailing


SAAM (Sexual Assult Awareness Month) Day Of Action

Beer Day
Coffee Cake Day
National No Housework Day
Girl, Me Too Day
and World Health Day

156 years ago - In 1864, the first camel race happened in Sacramento, California. They still race camels to this day.

93 years ago - In 1927, the first transmission of a television signal took place between Washington and New York. An audience in New York saw an image sent from Washington.

80 years ago - In 1940, Booker T. Washington was the first African-American on a stamp.

22 years ago - In 1998, George Michael was arrested in a public Beverly Hills restroom.


David Otunga is 40. WWE commentator.

Bill Bellamy is 55. Formerly of MTV.

Russell Crowe is 56. Actor.

Christopher Darden is 64. L.A. prosecutor.

Jackie Chan is 66. Hong Kongese martial artist, actor, film director, producer, stuntman, and singer.

Tony Dorsett is 66. NFL Hall-of-Famer.

John Oates is 72. Hall & Oates legend.

Francis Ford Coppola is 81. Legendary director.

Jerry Brown is 82. Former Governor of California.

Wayne Rogers  (1933 - 2015) Trapper John on the 'M*A*S*H'.

James Garner  (1928 - 2014) Jim Rockford on 'The Rockford Files'.


5 days until Easter Sunday

33 days until Mother's Day


Today: 30% chance for rain, 84.

Tonight: Possibly a sprinkle, 69.

Wednesday: 10% chance for rain, 88.

Thursday: 50% chance for rain, 86.

Friday: 40% chance for rain, 73.

Have a great day,

cj and jenn


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