Good morning Sugahs.  Again today, a Dense Fog Advisory is in effect for Acadiana through mid-morning.  It's worse today than yesterday and the day before.  Jenn is in Memphis at St. Jude, JayCee is on the morning show with CJ this morning.  Here is everything you need to know before you leave the house this morning.

Today is National Fig Newton Day, Nothing Day, Religious Freedom Day, Without A Scalpel Day and Get To Know Your Customers Day.

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101 years ago - In 1919, the 18th Amendment was ratified, banning the manufacturing, sale, and transportation of alcohol in the U.S. Prohibition didn't actually start until a year later.

48 years ago - In 1972, David Seville died at the early age of 52.  You will know him from his songs as Alvin & The Chipmunks.

47 years ago - In 1973, NBC aired the 440th and final showing of "Bonanza". The show first aired in 1959 and lasted 14 seasons.

32 years ago - In 1988, George Harrison hit number one with "Got My Mind Set on You".

29 years ago - In 1991, the White House announced the start of Operation Desert Storm.

25 years ago - In 1995, "Star Trek: Voyager" premiered.

23 years ago - In 1997, Bill Cosby's 27-year-old son Ennis Cosby was murdered on an L.A. highway.

11 years ago - In 2009, Boy George was sentenced to 15 months in prison for false imprisonment when he handcuffed a male escort to his wall.


Marwan Kenzari is 37.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is 40.

Kate Moss is 46.

Josie Davis is 47.

Richard T. Jones is 48.

Roy Jones Jr. is 51.

Danni Ashe is 52.

Sade is 61.

Debbie Allen is 70.

John Carpenter is 72.

Ronnie Milsap is 77.

A.J. Foyt is 85.

Ethel Merman (1908 - 1984)

Dizzy Dean (1910 - 1974)

Aaliyah would have been 41. (1979 - 2001)


• 4 days until Martin Luther King Day

• 9 days until The Year of the Rat

• 29 days until Valentine's Day


Today: 40% chance for rain, 75.

Tonight: Fog, 20% chance for rain, 56.

Friday: 10% chance for rain, 71.

Saturday: 60% chance for rain,

Sunday: 30% chance for rain, 53.

Have a great day!

cj and jaycee





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