Late last week authorities in New Orleans charged Benjamin Beale with the murder and dismemberment of a missing 36-year-old woman.

The woman who was identified as Julie Dardar was reported missing by her estranged husband on December 23, 2021. Julie's remains were found early last week in a freezer located on a bus in the ninth ward in New Orleans.

Benjamin Beale has been in NOPD custody since last Tuesday but was officially charged with second-degree murder on Friday. Beale's bond is set at $1.4 million dollars. If Beale is convicted of the murder then he could face up to life in prison.

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A man is in custody after the body of a woman was found inside of a freezer on his property.

NOPD sources confirm that the body of a woman was found inside of the freezer that was located in a bus on the property of a home in New Orleans.

Police are reporting that the body was severely dismembered. Many parts of her body were chopped off and wrapped in plastic. The body parts were found in the freezer of the bus.

The gruesome details of what was found on the property were contained in an arrest warrant affidavit for Benjamin Beale. The affidavit stated,

“Upon opening the lid of the freezer, investigators observed the headless torso of what appeared to be an adult human female. A deep linear cut was visible along the left shoulder/upper arm area, which appeared to have been inflicted post-mortem.”

The court document said detectives also found nearby a Coleman ice chest containing a reciprocating saw, “which appeared to have bits of flesh and fluid on the blade surface. A plastic face shield, goggles, and additional garbage bags were also located in close proximity to the freezer.”

Authorities could not immediately identify the body, however, they believe that the body that was found is of a woman who went missing in December.
Residents in the area described the street as a quiet place to live however it was not that way on Tuesday when NOPD and SWAT were called out to the home located at 2327 Pauline Street.

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Police have arrested 34-year-old Benjamin Beale on obstruction of justice after he would not cooperate with their investigation. He was booked Tuesday into the Orleans Parish Justice Center on several charges, including creating/operating a clandestine drug lab, illegal carrying of weapons, distribution of methamphetamine, and possession with intent to distribute marijuana, according to online jail records.
Beale has not been charged with murder in the case.
NOPD has yet to release the name of the victim.

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