Most concert tickets have the phrase "No video recording" printed prominently on the front. In recent years, that's become virtually unenforceable. It seems everyone has a camera in their phone. Artist reaction to this phenomenon varies. Adele famously called out fans for recording her shows on cellphone cameras last year. More recently, Bruno Mars, humorously chided a fan for shooting cellphone video of his performance at Sunday's BET Awards. He asked how a fan could dance while shooting video. Meanwhile, I was attending a Garth Brooks concert at Lafayette's Cajundome. He interacted with audience members who held up signs with various messages. several of them held up their phones, obviously recording. He said nothing about it. I'll confess to taking a few stills early in the performance, and putting my phone away. Is it right for people to shoot cellphone video at concerts? That's a tough call. I can tell you this much. Most people do it wrong. When shooting video with a phone, you should hold the device horizontally, not vertically. If you haven't tried it that way, you'll be astounded at the results.

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