Mice love to resort to the attic in Louisiana homes during the winter and now there's one thing you can put in your attic to catch them.

The last thing you ever want is for a mouse or rat to die in your attic or within the walls of your home. The smell of a decaying rodent is something you can never forget about or erase from your senses.

So, what can you use to catch these rodents once they find their way into your attic?

Sure, you can use the traditional traps or glue pads, but then you have to deal with a dead rodent and that's never anything you really want to address.

An old tactic that some have been using in their attics is a bucket trap.


You bait a bucket and attach a ramp to it so that the mice climb up the ramp to get into the bucket. Now, there are a variety of ways of getting the rodent to fall into the bucket and we'll share a few below.

Once the rat or mouse falls into the bucket, it cannot climb out and all that you have to do it remove the bucket from the attic with the rodent in place.

With this type of 'trap," there is no removing a dead rodent that could be covered in blood or attached to a pad. I should warn you though, you DO NOT want to forget about the bucket.

If you do, you could be dealing with a number of dead rodents at once. If you place a bucket trap in your attic, you should check on it daily.

As for what you do with the rodents once you catch them, well that is up to you.

Check out a few of these contraptions and keep this in mind if you have a rodent issue at home specifically in your attic, garage or in barn.


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