I've been warning people for over a year now. No one listened.

The Cat - Astrophe is the name I gave to a coordinated movement on the part of cats everywhere to attack and eventually rule humanity. These evil creatures provide no useful service or purpose, yet they have mesmerized their owners and others with cute antics and even mind - control. They've tormented dogs, successfuly trained human beings to do their bidding, and have even been caught preparing to attack the most innocent and helpless of all human beings: infants. Some have also been growing their fangs out for the coming attack on humanity and its allies.

Until now, I haven't been able to provide convincing proof of what these monsters are planning. Thankfully, a new video sheds light on what is only one of the first attacks we can expect now that the Cat - Astrophe is underway.

Be warned, this footage is disturbing and certainly not for children or the squeamish.

Jessica Freeman, who posted the video and witnessed the attack, wrote on Facebook that this cat is "spoiled" and was not provoked, though it has attacked other people in the past. If a dog had done this, it would have been destroyed immediately. Despite needing stitches after the attack, the man has defended the degenerate creature, which will apparently not be exterminated.

Meanwhile, a woman was attempting to comfort what appeared to be a stray cat (read: decoy) when it attacked her for her trouble. This video contains NSFW language.

This woman was attacked while trying to record a YouTube video.

Cats are also evil enough to dash a child's dreams on Christmas morning, as seen in this video.

Perhaps most disturbing of all, cats are finding ways to overcome death itself, like this monster did last year. Five days underground did nothing to stop this creature from returning to life to continue its war on humanity.

As you can see, the Cat- Astrophe is fully underway. What can we do? Many people still believe cats are somehow appealing and refuse to turn them over to the authorities for proper incarceration. There is hope, however. While cats are useless and extremely dangerous alive, they have a number of uses after death. Maybe this practical information will convince more people of the benefits of fighting back.

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