Today I received a private Facebook message from Casey Courville, a local musician and Youtube star (you MUST watch his WWJD video!), after he heard me talk about The Wash on Ambassador Caffery. He told me to check out the cute video of his daughter going through The Wash for the first time.

I watched the video and said to myself "that's cute", and then clicked on another of his videos. And then another, and then another. Y'all, we have some great leauxcal talent here!

I first saw Casey Courville perform at a private party for a bunch of the Louisiana Jeepers last year, and he was awesome. But, when in a party atmosphere, the artist can't really belt out his/her best heartfelt stuff. In this video, Casey duets with Kelsey on Lady Antebellum's "Goodbye Town", and it is incredible!

Of Casey's videos that I've seen so far, this one blows me away the most.

Check out the rest of his videos on his Youtube channel.

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