The members of the Carencro City Council invited members of the community to come and express their feelings about representation in the city at last night's meeting. If you weren't aware, city council members in the city of Carencro are all elected "At-Large". That means council members are chosen by voters across the entirety of the city.

Most other communities in South Louisiana elect council representation via districts or wards. However, based on the majority of opinions expressed at last night's meeting, as reported by KLFY Television, most of the town's residents are quite satisfied with the council as it sits.

Many attending last night's meeting suggested that "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" when it comes to considering changes in the way the council is elected. Many other expressed concerns that drawing districts creates a disparity between areas of the community. Yet others felt that the drawing of lines could actually dilute minority representation on the city council.

One attendee of last night's meeting said they preferred having five council members to vote for instead of just one. Currently, the top five vote-getters in a council election are the ones that are seated. Another concern was raised about the expense of having to pay someone to draw district lines and then having to revisit those district lines every ten years with the new census.

The issue of council districts is not dead in the City of Carencro though. Council members are encouraging you to reach out to them if you have a question, a concern, or a comment on the issue. The next city council election in Carencro is set for next year.

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