Beth Chapman, who is married to reality tv star, and real life bounty hunter Duane 'Dog' Chapman, is once again battling throat cancer. Chapman, who is 51, was diagnosed with stage 2 throat cancer in 2017, and seemingly had it beat. She was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital for emergency surgery on Tuesday to remove a mass in her throat. The Chapman's starred in the hit show 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' for 12 years, and also had a show called 'Dog and Beth on the Hunt'.

According to a statement from attorney Andrew Brettle, to USA Today, 'The doctors say it’s serious and are evaluating her treatment options. We’re all hoping for the best.'

Dog and Beth were in the studio with me earlier this year, and off camera we talked at length about her cancer battle. She is a lovely lady, and we are praying for her recovery from this horrible disease once again. We love you, Beth! Listen to the entire interview from May, 2018 below.


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