It has been a rough couple of weeks for the family of Duane 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Chapman. His beloved wife Beth passed away on June 26th after suffering a relapse of Stage 2 throat cancer. A memorial service was held in Hawaii on June 30th, and the second memorial service for her will be held in Aurora, Colorado this Saturday, July 13th. But one member of the Chapman clan will more than likely not be unable to attend.

Leland Chapman, who is the second oldest of the 12 Chapman kids, and a bounty hunter like his dad, tore his ACL while filming an upcoming episode of the family's new tv show on the WGN Network. 'Dog's Most Wanted' is a spin off of the wildly popular 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' show that ran on A&E for 8 seasons, and ended in 2012. Chapman was attempting to apprehend a fugitive in Alabama when he suffered the severe knee injury.

Beth's funeral service is going to be livestreamed on Saturday, and you can watch on the WGN America website or on the official 'Dog's Most Wanted' Facebook page.

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