Fortunately, there was no one in this swimming pool when gravity did what it does best. It sucked the pool and all of the water contained in the pool right out of it and dumped it into the parking garage below. Here's how it looked from the closed-circuit cameras that were monitoring the pool at a building in Brazil.

A user on the Social Media platform Reddit said that the building was evacuated after the incident. And as you can see, the force of the falling water wreaked havoc on the cars that were parked below it.

If you look closely at the end of the video you can see the force of the water flowing into the garage actually lifting and moving one of the vehicles that were parked in the garage.

From what we understand the building where this incident occurred was in the town of Vitoria Brazil. It wasn't made clear whether the facility was being used as a hotel or condominiums or both. What we do know is that just under 300 guests were evacuated because of the collapse.

According to some media reports, the building's principles have agreed to compensate the 270 plus guests that were affected by the pool's collapse. Most of those guests are expected to be able to return to the facility sometime on Tuesday. As far as we have been informed there were no injuries reported in this rather unique construction failure.

Now, if you're looking for a place to swim and don't really want to wonder whether or not the water will be falling out from under you, we might suggest you take a look at this fabulous place. It would make for a great gathering place for a bunch of your closest friends or a small Cajun family if you're so inclined.

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