With the sweltering heat of summer already upon us, a dip in the pool sounds like a perfect way to beat that heat. The Lafayette Consolidated Government has announced that the public will soon have the opportunity to, once again, do just that.

According to a story by KADN, the Lafayette Consolidated Government's Department of Parks and Recreation's director said that they are reopening the public swimming pool at the Martin Luther King Recreation Center.

How long have humans used bodies of water for recreation and relaxation? Well, I'm haven't researched that, but I will assume that it's been a long time because of what my mother once told me. She shared with me, when I was just a youngster, that she (and her friends and, I believe, her sisters) used to walk down to the "Flumes" in Nunez to swim under the railroad tracks.


So, obviously, humans have been swimming, recreationally, for a very long time.

The story goes on to say that other public swimming pools in the Department of Parks and Recreation's charge in Lafayette won't be opening anytime soon. The Girard Park public swimming pool and the Domingue Park public swimming pool both "need major repairs", and will remain closed until those major repairs are done. No word on when those repairs will be done.

As for the Lafayette Department of Parks and Recreation's public swimming pool at the Martin Luther King Center, it will be open daily from 2-6 pm (closed on Sundays and Wednesdays). Admission is $4 for kids and $6 for adults.

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