(Washington D.C) Less than 2 weeks after the collapse of Champlain Tower South near Miami, another building collapsed Thursday, this one a 5 story building in Washington D.C.

The five-story was under construction in Northwest Washington. One worker was trapped in the collapsed structure with only about 8 inches of space surrounding him. The man was trapped in the rubble for over 90 minutes before rescue teams could get to him.

Rescue workers used chainsaws and almost every tool available to free the construction worker. He sustained major but not life-threatening injuries. Four other men were injured by the collapsed building and taken to the hospital.

Washington D.C. Fire Chief John Connelly congratulated the rescue crews for a job well done.

Super Job by DCFD on the Rescue of a person trapped under a 5 story building collapse. 5 others were also trapped on top of the structure. -Washington D.C. Fire Chief John Connelly

Chief Connelly said the collapse was due to heavy storms that hit the area

It was what we call a pancake collapse. The layers came down together. There was also something called a lean-to collapse in part of it where one end is lower than the other and it’s supported against the building next door. -Wahington D.C. Fire Chief John Connelly via NBC 4, Washington

The collapse is under investigation.

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