A homeowner in Baton Rouge is frustrated after learning that her vehicle didn't fit in the garage of her custom-built home.

According to WBRZ, Jacki Savoy felt like she had run out of options; she has been trying to get into contact with the builder to fix the problem but her issue still hasn't been addressed.

It has been a year since Savoy moved into her new home. According to the WBRZ report, she was "very excited" when she bought her lot and designed her first house. It wasn't until last August after all her paperwork was done and the home was complete that she realized that her vehicle didn't fit in the garage.

I couldn't believe it. I tried to fit it and it didn't fit.

Could you imagine moving into your new home, and the first night that you pull into your garage after hauling stuff into your new place all day, and your car doesn't fit?


That was Savoy's reality–and apparently, the only reason why she didn't pull into her driveway sooner was that she was using it as a place to stage all her moving boxes.

Once it was clear and time to pull her car into the two-car garage, she was unable to shut the garage door.

According to Savoy, her garage measured 16 feet and 7 inches deep—over a foot shorter than the minimum depth.

After speaking with architects she learned that while it isn't required, 18 feet is the minimum depth, but 20-22 feet is standard.

She contacted her builder, Jacob Fakouri Construction, to revisit the dimensions and was reportedly presented with a solution, but that solution was "advised against" by another architect who gave Savoy a second opinion.


To this day, Savoy says her garage has yet to be addressed.

No one to this day has come out to measure my garage, to look at my garage, nothing. I can't resell my home, no one is going to want a double car garage that doesn't fit

A year has passed, and with each passing day, Savoy feels less hope when it comes to getting her garage issue fixed.

WBRZ says they have reached out to Jacob Fakouri Construction who has not responded.

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