It's going to be a busy night at the CAJUNDOME as two events are planned to happen at the same time and now there are new restrictions due to COVID-19. The venue posted the following update to followers early Saturday.

Masks are now required to be worn by every attendee and live music performances have been canceled. And It comes after Mayor-President Josh Guillory's late-night proclamation Friday that addresses the safety of crowds amid a spike in COVID-19 cases. In it, Guillory says in part:

All public gatherings and events will be limited to a maximum of 200 people. Local, state, and federal guidelines for social distancing shall be enforced with the only exception being families who live under the same roof.

Participants and hosts of any public events are required to wear a face mask at all times, maintain a minimum of six feet of social distancing, and ensure that appropriate sanitization measures are taken as appropriate and necessary.

We'll bring you any updates as they happen today.

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