Employees at a Burger King restaurant in Nebraska had a message for those arriving and they left it on the restaurant's marquee prior to quitting.

After employees and management couldn't reach an agreement or a settlement after an argument, all of the employees decided to walk out of the restaurant and QUIT!

But before the employees left  the property, as their two week notice was about to expire, they left this message on the marquee which is in front of the building and it read, "WE ALL QUIT" and "SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE."

According to KLKN-TV, the employees had enough of the conditions that they were working in and after having been in the kitchen for weeks without an air conditioner, and overworked, they simply decided to give their notice and quit.

Rachael Flores, who worked at the Burger King restaurant as the General Manager, had to be treated at a local hospital for dehydration after having worked in such extreme conditions.

She also says that her bosses simply ignored many of her requests and that was another contributing factor to her decision to quit.

The Burger King restaurant is still open but is reportedly very understaffed.

Check out the sign below that had a very powerful message attached to it.

To hear more from some of the former Burger King employees check the interview below with KLKN-TV. Here they describe the conditions of the restaurant and their decision to walk out as a group.

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