Is Burger King going too far with its 'marketing' of the Whopper?

Huffington Post reports that Burger King's new ad for the Whopper is upsetting people who own a Google device. The actor in the commercial above says 'Okay, Google,' activating any Google device in range, then asks Google to explain what a Whopper burger is. The Google Assistant then reads a Wikipedia description of the Whopper.

Lots of people on social media are annoyed, with others worried about privacy concerns. Tech Crunch and The New York Post are not amused and are taking Burger King to task on the ad. Here's what both outlets had to say about the ad.

Online trolls tried to edit the Whopper's page on Wikipedia so that Google Assistant would read their new copy, but Wikipedia locked the page to prevent anything offensive being edited into the description of the burger.

The question isn't if this is annoying or a violation or privacy or both, it's this: does making your Google device tell you what a Whopper is make you suddenly want to go out and buy one? Personally, I already know what a Whopper is and would rather eat something else.

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