A bride-to-be asked her younger sister to be her Maid of Honor 14 months ago when she got engaged. Her sister is now having surgery and the bride-to-be isn't happy about it.  The future bride doesn’t want her sister in her wedding wearing a sling.  The bride’s 20-year-old sister played sports as a teenager which caused a torn ligament in her elbow.  The bride said instead of having surgery to repair it, she kept putting it off and continued to play sports.  Hmm, I sense a little sibling rivalry here. The future bride said almost immediately upon asking her sister to be her maid of honor, the sister decided it was time to finally have surgery on her elbow. She went on to say that her sister waited 3 years already, so why now?  Maybe the sister could have waited on the surgery until after the wedding. But, the first thing that comes to my mind is, maybe she was in excruciating pain and couldn’t put it off any longer. However, she chose a date just a week before the wedding which means she will be wearing a sling for a very special occasion. Now the bride is worried her sister’s arm accessory will ruin her wedding and all of the photos. The bride-to-be did say that her family thinks she is a “horrible person” because she is considering asking her sister to NOT be in the wedding.


Many have criticized her after the story went public.  Here are some of their thoughts:

“The presence of a sling in your photos bothers you more than the absence of your sister would.”

“This is some textbook bridezilla behavior.”

“I pray if you have kids they never have a bad hair or skin day before picture day at school.”

“We all know how you'll handle that. Photos over family is a sucky way to go through life.”

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