Brandi Carlile walked away from the 2019 Grammy Awards with a trifecta, finally getting her due.

Carlile was nominated for 6 Grammy Awards in all: Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Americana Album, Best American Roots Song, and Best American Roots Performance, winning the last three.

From her humble beginnings in the Pacific Northwest, Carlile has come a long way since she began to sing at the age of 8. She's come far enough to make it to the stage at the Grammys for her outstanding performance last night. The crowd was on their feet, obviously moved by her performance.

Here's the official video that goes with the song she performed last night: "The Joke":

Call me a stalker if you'd like, but I was able to snap a few shots of Brandi while on a music cruise a few years back. We were watching Shawn Mullins' performance when I caught sight of her on the deck reserved for artists.

Brandi Carlile and one of The Twins   photo by John Falcon Townsquare Media

As you can tell, Brandi was really into Shawn's performance!

Brandi Carlile photo by John Falcon Townsquare Media

Carlile is married to Catherine Shepard, and they have 2 children together. One of her daughters, Evangeline, was the inspiration for Carlile's "The Mother".

Congrats, Brandi; it is way past time you get the recognition. Tell the twins I said "hey".