We’ve seen creative celebrations for birthdays while we are stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic. And yes, we’ve seen some birthday parades. But this one really warmed my heart.  Mr. Lamon Thames was completely surprised as he was sitting outside enjoying the beautiful day when all of a sudden, his birthday parade began. When his granddaughter told him it was for him he couldn’t believe it. You'll be touched by his reaction and all the love when you see the video below posted by his granddaughter, Michelle Booth.

Michelle Booth Facebook
Michelle Booth Facebook

Lamon Thames turned 90 years old. Booth, said the family had a big birthday bash planned for him before Covid-19. When they couldn’t have it, the family decided to have a parade instead. Family members and friends drove their cars that were decorated with “Happy Birthday” signs on them. Singing, waving, and yelling “Happy Birthday”. It was led by a firetruck with the sirens on. His smile and reaction to each vehicle is priceless. His neighbors were in on it too standing in their driveway for the parade. Mr. Lamon, a veteran, had a 90th birthday party that he will cherish. And his family will have the memory of his sweet smile to cherish forever.

Happy 90th Birthday, Mr. Lamon!


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