The controversy surrounding the West Bayou Parkway bike lanes has become a hot-button issue in the Hub City.

One faction is requesting Lafayette Consolidated Government remove the bike lanes citing safety concerns and traffic congesting as catalysts.

The other faction lists some of the same issues for cyclists who want to travel through the city safely.

KPEL's Rob and Bernie spoke with representatives of both sides of the argument.

First, West Bayou Parkway residents George Latiolais and Randy Moity said vehicular traffic has greatly increased in the large residential area since the installment of the Camelia Drive bridge.

At that time, West Bayou Parkway was a three-lane thoroughfare--with two lanes for opposing traffic and one turning lane. Now, with the bike lanes, the collector street has become congested with only two lanes for vehicles.

Forward Lafayette, spearheaded by Mark Declouet, has become the collective voice for those who want the bike lanes to remain in place.

DeClouet said the West Bayou Parkway bike lanes serve as a major artery for cyclists (and runners) to get from prominent points within the city. The bike lanes take the bicycle flow through a residential neighborhood that seems more safe for cyclists.

Both sides have compiled petitions urging LCG to remove or retain the bike lanes.

Listen to both of the interviews by clicking the box above.