When I was about to read Shelley's post about Makin' Perfect Bacon, I was ready to defend my method!!  After reading it, though, I relaxed! Whew!  For a minute, I thought that they had my secret!

I have found a way (is it perfect?  YOU be the judge!!) to cook bacon that makes for a 'better' breakfast (or lunch, or supper, because BACON can't be beat!!), and it's easy clean-up!

Here is how I cook my (you can call it 'perfect' if you'd like) bacon:

Picture of Kevin Bacon

Separate the bacon slices and soak in a bowl of luke-warm water for 15 minutes.  Remove from water, but do not pat dry!!

Arrange bacon on aluminum foil (for easy clean-up) on a cookie sheet, being careful to not allow bacon pieces to touch (each other).

Sprinkle LIGHTLY with Tony's AND freshly ground pepper.

Place in oven, and THEN turn oven to 400 degrees.  DO NOT PRE-HEAT OVEN.  Set your timer for 12 minutes, and go about your business.

When timer expires, re-set for 5 minutes, and keep an eye on the bacon.  You want the bacon to turn golden brown, but not to be too crisp (unless you like too-crisp bacon).  It may take up to 20 minutes in your oven, so the first few times you cook the bacon, pay close attention.  Once you have done it a few times, you can set your timer accordingly.

When the bacon is cooked to your specifications, remove from oven, and transfer bacon to a paper towel-lined plate to absorb the excess fat. Remember to keep a little of the bacon fat to fry your eggs.  Nothing fries eggs like bacon fat!

After you 'perfect' this method (all ovens vary in time/temp), I think you will have found the 'perfect' way to cook bacon!

Bon appetite!!

Oh, btw;  Kevin Bacon had no part in the development of this recipe.  I just couldn't find a picture of a slab of bacon.

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