Here in South Louisiana, we all have that one relative that cooks that special dish in that certain way. No matter how hard you try to recreate it, you just can't make it taste as good as hers. Unfortunately, for a lot of families, those recipes go to the grave with the loved one "who just couldn't trust anyone" with their special secret.

10. The Gumbo
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Then there are those friends and loved ones who love to get the "last word" in. Even if that word has to come from beyond the grave. You may have noticed a funny meme or social media picture of a gravestone that instead of quoting words of wisdom, actually has a recipe etched in stone.

Rosie Grant, who holds a master's degree in library science has noticed these recipes that have been taken to the grave too. The only difference between me and you and her is that she actually catalogues them and has been sharing them on the social media site Tik Tok. 

Grant started her hobby earlier this year and her page on Tik Tok is literally filled with home cooking from the other side. Grant seems to find comfort in connecting flavors and aromas from the kitchens of the dearly departed with those who are left missing them. She apparently started the hobby as a way to reconnect with her grandmother who passed away from COVID.

After her grandmother's passing Grant found herself reminiscing about a certain yellow cake her grandmother would make. That got her to think that other families must have similar memories as well. I know in my family there are recipes that went to the grave with my parents and I bet you can say the same thing about your family.

Even though I know you've asked grandma or grandpa a hundred times for that cookie recipe or the steak marinade recipe, maybe it's time to ask them one more time. Or at least ask if they could leave that recipe to you as part of their last wishes. It sure seems like a very special way to eulogize and hold in fond memory the attributes of someone who meant so very much to you.

One thing we do know for sure, if the gravestone recipe you're recording is one for gumbo and it includes tomatoes, there is a pretty good chance that Satan himself is buried in that spot, so keep moving and don't you dare make that gumbo.

10 Commandments of Gumbo



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