I've tried everything to clean the outside of my house in the county here in Judice.  I've spent a ton on the special outdoor cleaners, the kind that would not harm plants and the ones that would.  Someone told me to use vinegar and water, so I did.  Didn't work at all.  I've even used straight Clorox.  Nothing I've used worked, until now!

I don't have gutters on the house so the eaves all around the house look horrible with mold and black stains.  The north wind blows across the half mile of crawfish ponds behind the house and sends dust and pollen hammering the backside year round.  I pressure wash, scrub, wipe and the outside of the house never gets completely clean with traditional solutions.

A few days ago, I had the idea to mix two things I already had around the house with water to see if my concoction would work.  DID IT WORK!  WOW!  I think I'm on to something.

I introduce you to my new awesome discovery in the video.  I haven't found anything it won't clean.

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