On a cold and grey Acadiana day, a good bowl of chili warms the body and comforts the day. There's always going to be the argument, beans or no beans. So in this survey of locals, we just simply asked "where is the best place to buy a good bowl of chili in Acadiana on a cold winter's day?"

In an area known to have some of the best local, flavorful and spicy foods, one might never consider the fact that the best bowl of chili might actually come from a national fast-food chain. Actually, only three local restaurants were in the Top 9. Beef, chicken, even venison chili made the list.

As Acadiana heads into the winter months, remember, gumbo is not the only dish that warms the heart. Chili might even be a bit healthier.

The Best Places to Find the Best Chili in Adadiana

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