A Reddit user renewing his driver's license asked "best time to visit DMV?", and some of the answers echoed each other but didn't effectively answer the question.

Rather than giving particular times to visit, most of the responses encouraged the OP to NOT use the Lafayette DMV. Breaux Bridge, Abbeville, and New Iberia were the three other offices mentioned, which leads me to my next question: what is wrong with the Lafayette DMV? Are they that slow? Is it because they have such a huge volume of residents in Lafayette Parish?

I personally LOVE the people in Abbeville. I know that I am partial (because I grew up there), and it's not that I haven't had great service in at the Lafayette DMV (because I  have), it's just that I am more comfortable with the people I know,  I guess.

Some of the agents for the state (title and registration offices who do DMV stuff) were mentioned as well, but remember that their fee will be higher than going through the DMV which, in many people's minds, is probably well worth it.

What are you DMV secrets and, for real,  when IS the best time to visit the DMV?

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