"Social media influencers" has become quite the buzzword in 2020. Some of these tech-savvy kids and adults are making millions online, and others just like the notoriety, however fleeting. But most of them are older than 3 year old Cullen Snow of Baton Rouge. Cullen is known on Instagram as "Lil Foodie", and he is the adorable distraction we need in a year that is known for a  worldwide pandemic, loss of jobs and lives, and a presidential election that has divided the country.

Cullen can't even read yet, but he has almost 1,000 followers and over 400 posts on the social media platform known for spectacular pictures of food. Cullen's dad John Snow actually runs the account and has spent the last couple of years showcasing some of Baton Rouge's favorite eateries. It's his way of supporting local businesses, especially those who might be hurting during this crazy year. And it certainly appears to be working. Snow tells the Advocate that conversations about the pandemic are something the family talks about and that his son "was able to appreciate the gravity of what was happening in the world around him, even though he was 3 when it was impacting one of the things that he enjoys doing, which is going to a restaurant".

The family also includes mom Reagan, who is a teacher at St. Thomas More Catholic School, and baby brother Brooks, who, according to dad John, could become "Lil Foodie 2". Check out more about the family from the Advocate, and also on the "Lil Foodie" Instagram page.


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