Around 40 amazing men and women serving with the 307th bombing wing based out of Barksdale Air Force Base finally got to come home this week.  KSLA reports that the reserve unit is back home after serving 6 months in the very mysterious sounding "Area of Responsibility."  The group of Airmen included engineers, security personnel, and more were welcomed by misty-eyed family members and Col. Robert VanHoy II, 307th Bomb Wing commander.  Col, VanHoy told KSLA how proud the entire country should be of the "contributions made in the many locations they served while deployed.”

The 307th is the only unit in the entire Air Force that operates the venerable B-52 and the supersonic B1-B bombers. These incredible men and women are also responsible for training and qualifying aircrew to operate the B-52 Strato-fortress. Find out more about the "Long Rangers" of the 307 by clicking here.

If you are part of this amazing group - welcome home, and thank you for your service!

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