When you mention the word, "football" in Louisiana you will find no shortage of fans.

It doesn't matter if it's high school football, college football, or NFL games people in Louisiana LOVE their football games.

I would imagine you have the same kind of people all over our country.

Football Fans Can Be the Most Loyal Fans Ever

I bring that up to talk about fans. Fans in Louisiana are one of a kind. We like to drive to the away games. We will pack everyone in our cars to show our support for the teams we love. You know it because you see it. You know it because you go too.

Football is not a religion, but it does have its fans, and we are just fools for the game, and for our favorite teams.

I've had to turn off Saints games because I get so mad I'm afraid my heart will explode!

When you are a fan, you have to be a fan for life in Louisiana, you really have to love your team no matter how atrocious the season may be.

It's Okay to Get Super Mad at Your Favorite Football Team

That doesn't mean you can't criticize your team though or be mad at something that is happening on the field right in front of you. It also doesn't matter if you are in front of the television at a sports bar or yelling profanities from your own couch, it is our right to say what we want our OUR TEAM!

The only thing is, you might want to be careful when you put all your might behind your anger at a player, a play, or the game itself because things might actually FALL OFF OR FALL OUT!

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