Divisional rivalries in sports are always intense. It's the tightest level of competition, where you often face regional opponents who you play often, and therefore have an intense dislike or even hatred for.

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So naturally, when the Eagles win the NFC Championship, two places in particular are displeased. Dallas and New York (specifically Giants fans).


What an absolute misstep from the ESB. Now the truth of the matter is that the Empire State always lights up with the colors of the winner of both the NFC and AFC championships. In fact, not long after this the lights swapped over to red and gold for the Chiefs.

But whoever decided that it should do that in a game where one of their biggest rivals could win probably doesn't realize what kind of a you-know-what storm they just stirred up.

So are we, New York Giants, so are we.

So let's get into it. Who do you think called out the Empire State Building for doing this? Fans? Yeah obviously.

Sports journos? You betcha.

(He's right though, Aaron Boone will never live down that decision.)

What about online content creators who cover sports?

Yeah here's Youtuber UrinatingTree (don't look at me, I didn't pick his name).

Alright then, let's take it a step further. Maybe some political figures had something to say given that the ESB is a key symbol of New York's political influence.

Say maybe, a former representative.

Honestly there were a lot of guesses like this online, that whoever controls the lights for the Empire State lost a bet. Can I just say that would be the most baller non-monetary bet to win ever?

"Oh yeah my buddy picked the Niners and I picked the Eagles and now the Empire State Building is lit up in Kelly Green."

But wait there's more, the ACTING GOVERNOR of New York State even had something to say about this empirical error.

And last, but certainly not least, a joint account for every single building in New York expressed it's disappointment in its/their larger brother for its betrayal.

When you're a building getting dragged on Twitter by other buildings in your city, maybe you need to admit you messed up.

At least the Jets might be happy about it.

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