Reports say that the announcement was made concerning the permanent end of Cargill's salt production at their mine located in Avery Island, Louisiana. The mine has been operated by the company for twenty-four years and the outlook for its' employees is still uncertain.

Check out the story below from our media partners @KATCTV3 via Twitter.

According to the above report from KATC-TV3, the Avery Island mine has been operating since the 1800's and is owned by Avery Island Inc. This was the first salt mine to operate in North America and it has become a large part of the communities in the area over the years.

Salt-business president at Cargill, Sonya Roberts, stated that the company is committed to treating its employees with respect and dignity although the impact on employees at the Avery Island salt mine is still uncertain.

Work at the mine will still be underway until 2024, as the mine needs to be closed safely.

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