There's an old adage that suggests that we as humans "should learn something new every day". It's probably not a bad way to approach life until you consider the fact that the one thing we humans reject the most is change. Still, there comes a time when the tried and true must give way to the new, especially when that newer way is substantially better.

Like most people who live in Louisiana, I like my food to be properly seasoned. I don't care for the bland and no, I'm not about searing heat either. I like the food to taste like the food. I figured if you just wanted to taste the seasoning you could put a pinche of Tony Chachere's between your cheek and gum and we could call that a day.

What I did find out was that I, and probably you, have been using salt and pepper shakers totally wrong all of these years. Most of us when we want to apply pepper, for example, just grab that container and give it a shake. That works for most pepper applications. But, if you want precise pepper coverage and precise pepper dispertion. You really need to try this hack.

It seems the ridges on a matching set of salt and pepper shakers are designed to work together. By rubbing the bottom of the salt shaker on the bottom of the inverted pepper shaker you can see just how easily and effectively the pepper is distributed. It's certainly a lot more consistent coverage than what we see from shaking.

The video I've shown you above is from 2019. However, this hack is making a comeback thanks to the popular social media site Tik Tok. The hack posted by Tik Tok user @Cody.93 has been viewed over a million times. So, I guess we all have a secret desire to be better at seasoning our food.

@cody.93How old were you when you learned the proper way to use a salt and pepper shaker? #chef #crazy #learnontiktok #lifehacks #fyp #foryou #foryoupage♬ original sound - Cody

Or the fact that this "hack" works so brilliantly we just have to try it out for ourselves. I know the next time I need to add salt and pepper, I'm just going to shake it like I usually do. I wouldn't want anyone thinking I was now living my life based on suggestions from Tik Tok.

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