Audubon Zoo's World of Primates has welcomed a fresh new face to their public family. Meet Calliope a baby Howler Monkey that was actually born January 3rd. The new baby was delivered via caesarian delivery when veterinarians on staff decided that would be best for the health of the baby and his mother, 22-year-old  Salsa.

Calliope has been sequestered away from public viewing over the past several weeks while he was cared for by zoo staff and his mother. There had been concerns that because of the C-section delivery that Salsa might reject her offspring. She did not.

The new baby now joins his Mom, his sister 12-year-old Nakum, and the baby's father 17-year-old Mijo at the World of Primates exhibit. As you can see in the video Calliope is quite content staying in very close contact with his mother. That behavior will change as he grows older and becomes more accustomed to his newer surroundings.

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