Nearly 30 years ago, when you turned on the television and saw the latest ad campaign for AT&T, you probably didn't believe a word of it. I remember these commercials and I thought they were talking about futuristic stuff that would never happen and if it did, I wouldn't be around to see it. Well, guess what? I'm still here, you're still here and we are both living these commercials today.

Have you ever crossed the country without stopping for directions? Or sent someone a fax...from the beach? Have you ever watched the movie you wanted to...the minute you wanted to? Tucked your baby in...from a phone? Have you ever kept an eye on your home...when you're not at home? Or gotten a phone call on your wrist? All verbiage used to describe what AT&T would give the world in the future.

AT&T exclusively brought us the iPhone for 4 years, so they didn't do too bad. -Brian Person


They were right about everything, except the AT&T part. -London England


My favorite part is that video phones are apparently in phone booths. -Sharon Falduto


This was so futuristic back then for there weren't video phones nor internet nor any using a screen to shop and most computers were still monochrome screens used in business offices. I guess AT&T was considered big tech like IBM back in the good ol' days before the future arrived. -Tube Specific.


AT&T kinda blew it. With that insight, they really should have been Apple and Microsoft. -Chuck Fresh


Have you ever attended a your underwear? You will. -Internet User


The "You Will" AT&T ad campaign looked into the future with pinpoint accuracy.

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