Deputies in Calcasieu Parish were called to the scene of a shooting a nightclub in the 3900 block of Highway 90 early Sunday morning. When they arrived on the scene about 3:30 am they discovered a single victim with a gunshot wound. Deputies treated the wounded until EMS crews arrived.

Deputies then learned after that victim was transported to a Lake Charles hospital that three other individuals were being treated for gunshot wounds that were apparently sustained at the same location. All four of the victim's injuries were not reported to be life-threatening.

As Deputies spoke to witnesses and victims of the crime they soon developed a suspect. That suspect, Nathaniel Lede of Lake Charles was taken into custody during a traffic stop on Highway 14 later in the morning. He has been charged with four counts of aggravated battery, aggravated assault with a firearm, and numerous other charges.

CPSO Deputies say that Lede was on parole after being released on weapons, burglary, and possession of stolen things charges from back in 2018. Judge Michael Canaday has set Lede's bond at $350,000.


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