The manning family has placed three top-shelf quarterbacks in the NFL. Will there be a fourth? The Saints made Archie the number two overall pick in the 1971 draft. Sons Peyton and Eli were both number one overall picks. They each won a pair of Super Bowls.

He’s just a freshman, but older brother Cooper‘s son Arch is raising eyebrows, and turning heads. He’s the starting quarterback at Newman high in New Orleans, where Dad Cooper, Peyton, and Eli all played. Eli and Peyton both played junior varsity as freshmen.

Arch is starting on the varsity team. Grandfather Archie says he’s ahead of where the two sons were at this point. In arch's first varsity game, he went 24 of 34 for 234 yards and three touchdowns. He's more mobile than his two Super Bowl MVP uncles. Arch isn't speaking to college scouts or the press at this point. He graduates from high school in 2023.


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