When you go to a crawfish boil in Acadiana, you pretty much know exactly what to expect when you get there. Purging the crawfish, pots and burners, seasonings, etc. It seems that if you go to a crawfish boil in the U.K., the process is very different.

Now, I'm not talking about how folks in the United Kingdom season their crawfish. As you know, everyone in Acadiana has different ways of boiling crawfish. No, what I'm talking about is on a completely different level.

As you'll see in the video, apparently in the U.K. they kill the live crawfish before boiling them. A knife is run through the crawfish's head to kill it before cooking because I guess it's viewed as a more humane way of doing it.

Can you imagine individually killing every crawfish the next time you boil 80 lbs of em?

That's not all they do in the U.K. when they boil crawfish. After individually killing each one with a knife, they devein them one by one before boiling.

I won't even comment on how the water is seasoned because if that's what tastes good to them, more power to em.

Have you ever seen or heard anything like this?

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