Another political internet hoax is making its rounds, this one claiming to be President Trump's "Rule: The Congressional Reform Act of 2017.

First of all, to the lady that forwarded that junk to me: it's 2019. We're no longer in 2017. How can it be a reform act of 2017 when that year ended (wait, let me do the math here....) over 2 years ago?

Anyhoot, I like some of the ideas put forth in this hoax (which is how hoaxes are usually perpetuated: they touch on your emotions or include something with which you agree): No tenure or pension for Congresspersons; Congresspersons must abide by all laws they impose on the American People; Congresspersons will no longer vote themselves a pay raise, etc.

All great ideas, but not an official act, and not a legitimate "forward", if you ask me.


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