Where there is a large repository of real information you can almost always find just as much misinformation lurking as well. Such is life on the Internet. Every day we read stories, such as this one, that hopefully help us navigate the meaningful over the manure, at least when it comes to knowledge.

22 art n craft via YouTube
22 art n craft via YouTube

In a lot of articles I read online there are usually accompanying stories or articles or are they really advertisements? Those particular stories always have an intriguing headline or make a claim that just doesn't make sense.

For example, should you put a  roll of toilet tissue under the toilet seat when you check into a hotel? Should you never set your luggage down on a hotel bed? Is it safe to use a taser in the bedroom? Okay, I just made the last one up but I know somebody has probably tried it and wish they hadn't.

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The most recent "interesting Internet claim" I have stumbled across has to do with the tiny piece of plastic that bread makers use to seal the bags they wrap their loaves in. The "bread clip" according to the headline of the article I saw "should always be carried by travelers". Like you, I wondered why and more importantly why in the hell would anyone make that claim?

Let me save you a little time and tedium, don't click on the article. It's just one of those never-ending picture galleries that has very little substance to it. The article does attempt to justify the headline by saying the tiny plastic piece could be used to repair a flip flop or no, wait, that's really the only useful tip the 90-page slideshow offered.

By the way, there are some pretty ingenious ways to use these little plastic tags, here's a collection of several that I would have never thought of.

So based on my own personal investigation and confirmation from SNOPES we can safely say you're okay to board a plane, train, boat, or automobile without a plastic bread clip. Now, if you're flip flops break you'll need to remember this, don't buy cheap shoes and you won't have that problem.

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