The woman who gave a presentation to the St. Martin Parish School Board in August, Candice Mire, promoting the idea of allowing students in all grades in the system to wear shorts was back at this month's meeting this evening.

This evening's meeting was different than the August meeting. At that meeting gave an approximately nine-minute presentation about what she says are the benefits of allowing all students to wear shorts. Currently, only students in Kindergarten through sixth grade can wear them.

A few board members at the August meeting told Mire that the Lafayette Parish School System does not allow students to wear shorts. They even talked over one another at the August meeting to tell her she was wrong when she made the assertion that shorts are allowed in Lafayette Parish.

Well, those board members were wrong, and we shared a story about that previously.

Tonight, when Mire showed up she says she looked for the cards to sign that allow you to speak at the meeting. She says she was unable to find a card. Because she had no card when the agenda item came up to have a discussion about the possibility of wearing shorts, she raised her hand.


It is about this time that you hear someone from the board start talking about the issue. Mire says it was Richard Potier talking about how her coming to the August meeting, and he said, "I really don't give a shit". He continues to talk to the room, and Mire identified herself, saying she was at the meeting, and he could call her Candice.

Here is the first video:

And here is the second video.

The measure was put on today's agenda by school board member Mike Clay. While there was some discussion about it, the board did nothing tonight. They are expected to vote on the issue at the October meeting.

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