I have never been a publicly elected official because it is an excruciatingly tough job. I would never run for office. I just wouldn't want to do it. It takes someone who is both very kind and very thorough to serve the public.

I appreciate people serving because it can be a thankless job.

This week, some of the members of the St. Martin Parish School Board answered incorrectly when addressing a young woman who came to make a speech in front of them.


The members who corrected Candace Mire are going to owe Miss Mire an apology. These members were wrong, and Mire was correct.

The whole discussion centers around whether or not some students should be allowed to wear shorts. If you attend K through 5th grade, you are allowed to wear shorts. No one in 6th grade or above may wear shorts. Here is the student policy on shorts for St. Martin Parish:

Shorts: Allowed in Grades Pre-K – Grade 5th Solid color: Navy blue Style must be cotton twill or cotton blend (no jean material) Set in-side pockets, no patch pockets Hems no more than 2 inches above the knee when student is kneeling No pockets on pant legs Can be pleated or flat front Must have front waistband and belt loops Elastic allowed on back and sides Must be worn at the waistline (Pre-K & Kindergarten students may wear pull-on shorts)


There is nothing wrong with making a mistake. I know because I make them all the time. I also choose to apologize when I make a mistake. I have made mistakes in writing stories, and I have made mistakes "on-air". I still apologize. We are human.

But, when you make a mistake you need to apologize. Several members of the St. Martin Parish School Board need to apologize to Candace Mire. They argued with her, and the Lafayette Parish School System does let students wear shorts. There are also other parishes surrounding Lafayette Parish that also allow students to wear shorts.

Mire came to the meeting fully prepared and informed to give her reasons why she wants the board to consider allowing all students to wear shorts to school. You don't have to agree with her that shorts should be allowed, but you do owe her an apology.

I did get a chance to speak to one board member Wanda Vital. She told me she will be interested to see if the issue is brought before the board.

I also spoke to member Mike Clay who told me he was not one of the board members who disagreed with Mire. He says he can understand both sides of the argument.

I still have several members to call, and I am still waiting on two return telephone calls.

Another issue that needs to be addressed in the future is physical education aittre. Mire says in order for her son to be able to "dress out" for PE, he has to wear his PE uniform under his school clothes! She says they have to then take off their regular school uniform to get to their PE uniform before each class.

More on this story to come.

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