Hundreds of parents in St. Martin Parish are urging the St. Martin Parish School Board to make changes in the school uniform policy to benefit the children according to a report by KATC.

With the temperatures in the last month, it is no wonder that someone wouldn't want to wear pants whether they are working between classrooms or at the gym. Many parents are on board with having a discussion about the dress policy. If you would like to look at the 2022-2023 dress code policy for St. Martin Parish, click here. The new 2023-2024 handbook has not yet been posted online.

Candace Mire has two children, and her son Adyen has spoken to the television station about what it's like having to wear pants to school during August, September, and October.

It is a little frustrating because it's getting hot and wearing just pants...let's say we're outside for physical education (PE), it definitely affects how we do PE and how we play and everything like that.

The policy for uniforms in St. Martin Parish let students in sixth grade and below wear shorts to school, but that is not available to students in the upper grades.

There is going to be a regular school board meeting for St. Martin Parish coming up on Wednesday, August 2. Mire says she does plan on being at that meeting to discuss this issue with members of the school board.

As far as Lafayette Parish being used as an example, students in this Parish are allowed to wear shorts to school. Also, years ago, hoodies were not allowed at schools, but now that policy has been modified. For a complete look at the Lafayette Parish dress code, click here.

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