One Louisiana couple got a little more than they anticipated with their engagement photoshoot recently in New Orleans.

James Matthews and Katherine Salisbury were in the middle of their session at Audubon Park when an unexpected guest dropped by and asked if she could photobomb the shot.

That guest was none other than actress Amy Schumer. And as you'll see in the picture, she was walking her dog at the time.

At first, photographer Jen Menard didn't recognize Amy.

"There were a lot of people strolling by," Menard said.

Schumer and her husband, Chris Fischer, walked by with their dog but then Schumer ran back over and asked, "Can I photobomb?"

The answer was an easy one. After given the go-ahead, Schumer struck a pose behind the happy couple and then rejoined her husband and resumed their walk.

Now, we wonder if the couple is going to send her a wedding invite?

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