Proposals are always a good time, and one woman is looking to get a special photo to a couple that recently got engaged in New Orleans.

Facebook user Cassie Yates Audibert posted the photo on her page with the following caption:

For the couple who got engaged today at the New Orleans Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, maybe this will find its way to you!

So far, the post has nearly 2,000 shares over the last 24 hours as people REALLY want to see the couple stumble upon what seems to be the only documentation of their engagement. For whatever reason, we love to see these internet things come full circle, and you can help to make it happen.

Naturally, someone had to play devil's advocate and bring up the point that maybe the couple wanted their engagement to be a secret. While that could technically be true, but something tells me if that was the case, they wouldn't have chosen one of the most public locations of a major city to pop the question.

Cheers to the newly engaged couple and hopefully they'll be identified sooner than later.

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