The best part of growing pains is the result of the inconvenience, right?

Remember when we waited and waited for Camellia Boulevard to be finished? Kaliste Saloom widening? Ambassador Extension? Well, there's more pain coming but, hopefully, it will make things easier in the end.

The Lafayette Consolidated Government has sent out a notice of a lane closure on Ambassador Caffery near Dulles Drive, which should begin on Tuesday, September 7th.

The lane closure will affect the southbound, outside lane of Ambassador Caffery at its intersection with Dulles Drive. The reason for the lane closure? A turn lane is being added to alleviate southbound traffic on Ambassador Caffery.

This means that traffic coming from the Ambassador/Bertrand split can start expecting delays during the daily commute. It also means that other routes might become busier than normal.



The announcement from Lafayette Consolidated Government said that the work is expected to last approximately 2 months.

While they are building a turn lane in that area, maybe larger drains could be installed? It seems that this particular stretch of road, during even a moderate rainfall, tends to hold standing water.

Let's hope that the work really helps to alleviate traffic congestion in that area which, it seems, is the reason for the work being done.

In the meantime, let's use both lanes up to the merge point, merge in a "zipper" fashion, and remember to be courteous to one another.

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