I'm worried about Amazon.com closing communities.  Outside of restaurants and bars, the business scape of communities is changing.

I was talking to a group of downtown business owners a few days ago and to say they are 'concerned' is an understatement.  But it has nothing to do with the oilfield or the local economy.  Local businesses are most concerned about the internet, with a major focus on Amazon.com

I find even the older generation is embracing internet shopping.  One of the biggest reasons for internet shopping among the young and old alike, is the convenience.  A few strokes of a keyboard and stuff magically appears at your front door.

State and local political figures better start thinking about the future before it's too late.  Or before Louisiana is left in the dust by other states.

I would encourage business owners to make sure your stores stay stocked even though sales may be sliding downward.  When shoppers walk into your store, you need to have what they need or they may never return.  Today's shoppers are more fickle than ever before.

Remember to shop local first.  We have an obligation to the communities in which we live, to buy local when we can.


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