What is going on here?

An alligator was spotted in the Gulf of Mexico, again, and this time the alligator was reportedly off the coast of Louisiana.

This is the third alligator that was reportedly spotted in the gulf. The two previous sightings were in Mississippi and Alabama.

The above photo, of the alligator approaching the beach, was taken at Holly Beach by Tyler Milburn.

However, Milburn was not the only person on the beach that day that saw the alligator in the gulf. Here's another photo from a separate beachgoer.

Kayla Dennis
Kayla Dennis

The photo and post on social media have been shared hundreds of times as many prepare to hit the beaches this summer.

I do ask, why are we seeing more alligators in the Gulf of Mexico?

Sure, we're aware of the threat of sharks in the gulf, but do we need to now be on the lookout for alligators too?

Whatever the case may be, if you're going to be cooling off in the Gulf of Mexico this summer, you should always be aware of your surrounding.


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