Isn’t it ironic that National Nurses Week falls during the coronavirus pandemic? May 6th through May 12th is National Nurses Week and Acadiana has something special planned for our nurses. There is a new Facebook page and it will give our community the opportunity to “adopt” a nurse for the week.

Acadiana Adopt a Nurse for Nurses Week Facebook
Acadiana Adopt a Nurse for Nurses Week Facebook

According to KATC, it’s a national movement and we will do a local version of it. Nurses or family and friends of nurses need to post their information on the Facebook page, Acadiana Adopt a Nurse for Nurses Week. All they need to do is post their photo and a story on the page. Visitors of the page will be able to “adopt” a nurse for a care package. Hopefully, if we spread the word, we can have EVERY NURSE in Acadiana adopted.  If you adopt a nurse, you’ll either donate to their Amazon wishlist or you will get their address, depending on what they prefer, and you can send them care packages.

Although a nurse can only be adopted once, you may adopt more than one nurse. Acadiana, let’s help brighten our nurse's spirits this week and show them some love and appreciation for all of their hard work and dedication. If you'd like to put a nurse up for adoption or if you'd like to help by adopting a nurse, go to their page here. By the way, National Nurses Day 2020 is Wednesday, May 6th.


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