An additional arrest has been made in the murder case of the four-year-old who was abducted from Louisiana.

On Thursday we reported here that the body of Erin Brunett was located in a wooded area in Mississippi after she was allegedly abducted and killed by Daniel Callihan.

Sadly, Erin's mother was also killed in Louisiana, and now we know that an accomplice has been arrested in the death of the child. The Jacckson Pollice Dept released this information.

Daniell Callihan is currently in custody in the Rankin County Jail, and the accomplice is also in custody. Police also arrested  Victoria Cox, 32, who is believed to be his current girlfriend.


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Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Office

As reported on Thursday, U.S. Marshals discovered Erin's body in a wooded area in South Jackson, which is three hours north of the crime scene in Loranger, Louisiana.

Another child, who is six years old, was also found, and she is alive. She was treated for injuries and has been since released from the hospital.

Police say that the crime scene was so graphic/gruesome that several were very disturbed by what they saw when they discovered Erin's body in Mississippi.

Here's a look at the recent mugshot of Daniell Callihan.


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