In a recent national survey, the poll found the most popular candy in Louisiana to be Sour Patch Kids. Acadiana must have not gotten the memo. In a recent local social media survey of Acadiana, Sour Patch Kids didn't all. Surprisingly, nor did favorites such as Snickers, Milky Way or Skittles.

When you stop into a gas station in the Acadiana area with a sweet tooth, what's your go-to candy? According to the locals, chocolate candy bars are not high on the list. Acadiana likes chewy, hot and sweet and sour flavors best. Believe it or not, Laffy Taffy was number one. And Mary Jane, a candy that went away in 2018 due to the company going bankrupt, also made the list of Acadiana's Favorite Gas Station Candy.

Acadiana's Top Gas Station Candy

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